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Xraydisk Sata3 Ssd 60GB 128GB 240GB 120GB 256GB 480GB 512gb 1TB Hdd 2.5 Hard Disk Disc 2.5 “Internal Solid State Drive


  • Transport Protocol: AHCI
  • Bus Type: SATA III
  • RGB: No
  • Cooling Fin: No
  • Package: Yes
  • Nand Flash Type: QLC
  • Controller: Phsion/SMI(2258XT)/Realtek/Yeestor
  • Size: 2.5"
  • Interface Type: SATA
  • Application: Desktop,Laptop
  • Brand Name: Xraydisk
  • Style: SSD
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS
  • Type: Internal

• QLC Nand Flash Type :The Xraydisk Sata3 Ssd uses QLC Nand flash type, which ensures high performance and reliability.

• SATA III Bus Type :With SATA III bus type, this SSD provides fast data transfer speeds and improved power efficiency.

• RoHS Certification :This SSD is RoHS certified, ensuring that it meets the required environmental standards and is safe to use.

• Internal Solid State Drive :The Xraydisk Sata3 Ssd is an internal solid state drive, which means it is installed inside your laptop or computer, providing faster data access speeds.

Features and specifications:

❤ High-quality TLC/QLC flash, combined with industry- leading high-quality controller.
❤7mm plastic case, easy to install in desktop laptop computers.
❤ Suitable for desktops,notebooks, mini computers, all-in-ones, and other commercial PC
❤ The shock-proof, durable, and extremely reliable SSD represents the absolute best quality in the field.
❤ Read Speed (MAX): 550 MB/s; Write Speed (MAX): 500 MB/s.
❤ 3-year limited warranty.

Note:1GB = 1000000000 bytes, due to different capacity algorithms and spare space
Reservation as well as some capacity will be occupied by storage system programs and
Performance optimization, the actual available capacity will be less than the nominal capacity.

Fast loading while play games and open large application software.

Quick Boot, Fast Loadimg

Compared with mechanical hard disks, increase the loading speed by 5X
Fully meet the needs of users for design, games, programming,
video editing, office and other needs.

Frosted design

7mm frosted housing, easy to install in computers

Extremely fast transmission

Greatly improve computer performance, speed up computer startup and shutdown, and shorten program loading and response time.


Before you use it please right click "My computer-Management-Device manager-disc drive" and can find our SSD. Please do the format and partition.

Strict Quality Control :

1. We are professional SSD manufacturer with years of quality management experience.
2. We focus on every detail of product production.
3. Every product will undergo rigorous testing one by one before leaving the factory.


1. We are pure-heart seller and our goal is 5 STARS.
2. Please kindly leave us positive feedback, we will try our best to do better.
3. We focus at customer’s satification and always put it in highest priority. If you have any problem with the item, we can always try our best to Provide a good solution. Please do contact us in advance before leaving any negative/neutral feedback. Good communcation is important for us. We are for sure can make it a successful transaction for you. r kindly.
4,Due to the time difference between countries, we will reply as soon as we receive the message .
5. When you make the order,it means that you agree with the above instructions.Thanks.


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